Welcome to Shopial! We are excited that you are interested in knowing more about us.

Our history

Shopial was created to help thousands of small and medium businesses, who do not have the knowledge, time or any other factor to start expanding their business through digital media, in this case the e-commerce.

We know first-hand what it is to be a micro, small and medium-sized company. Many of those who are now part of the Shopial work team founded and directed businesses that managed to grow over time.

Also, and thanks to previous projects, we had the opportunity to know in real time the needs, strengths and weaknesses and doubts of hundreds of business owners, which allowed us to design a Comprehensive E-Commerce Service .

These needs and weaknesses made us think for more than 2 years how to achieve a solution for small and medium-sized companies to start in the world of electronic commerce in the easiest way possible.

What needs and weaknesses were identified?

Every day that we communicate with an entrepreneur or business owner, we are able to identify new needs and / or weaknesses, the most common being:

- Lack of knowledge in Electronic Commerce

- Lack of time to start and attend a new project.

- High investment belief.

- Comfort with your current sales.

- Lack of staff to attend an online store.

In addition to these, we were able to identify fears when starting new businesses, among others.

What Shopial offers?

Shopial offers a comprehensive solution in electronic commerce so that businesses (current or new) can expand globally by selling their products and services online (internet) and allowing a better organization of their processes, as well as innovating and offering professional customer service.

Our two premises "We do everything for you" Y "without lifting a finger" are real. Our service seeks that business owners do not have to do anything in any of the stages of assembly and configuration of the store, and even after the launch. All this at very low costs, which allows micro and medium companies to start.

Shopial Advantages

We can make a long list and get bored trying to convince you why to use our service, but the truth is that we know that you are too busy for this, so we summarize it in the following paragraph:

"If you are looking to grow your business, expand your sales, innovate, provide quality customer service and you do not know how or you have little time to achieve it, and in addition to this, you have little budget to invest, then Shopial is your best option for achieve it "


If you need more information about what we can do for you, check prices, among others, we invite you to contact us through our Online Chat or email info@shopial.co.

We are sure that as a team we will make your business grow a lot!