Text Messages and Bulk Emails

At Shopial we are committed to helping our customers generate more sales. It is perhaps our main objective. For this reason our services are focused on that precisely to sell more!

While it is great to achieve organic sales, they will never be enough to attract new customers in droves, position the brand or publicize offers and promotions of the products and services.

Two of the most powerful marketing tools today are Text Messages (SMS) and Mass Emails (Email Marketing). Although it is true that there are different marketing strategies, we recommend the use of SMS and Email Marketing as follows:

Text messages (SMS):

- Make Exclusive Offers hours or 1 to 3 days.

- New Product or Service Launches.


- 160 Characters per Message

- It allows to include a direct link to the website.

Campaign Reports

- Clicks on Link

- Percentage of Link Opening

- Sent messages

- Failed messages,

Text messages (SMS):