Let's get accounts!

May 07 , 2020

Let's get accounts!

When we start contact for the first time with physical stores, stores based on social networks and / or people interested in having their own online store, the first question they ask us is, how much does it cost. It's the most logical question anyone would ask when offered something, right?

Although it seems simple, the answer is not. So for you to understand better we will explain in detail how much it costs to use Shopial and what are all your options to save money and boost your store. Note that You can always unsubscribe from each of them whenever you want as it has no permanence clauses.

We are going to divide the costs into 2. Those that you must pay for your store to function and those that are optional to make improvements to your store, to better serve your customers or for administrative functions.

Mandatory Costs:There are only two costs that are considered mandatory for your store to be up and running. The first is the Setup Fee (initial setup cost), and the second is the Monthly Store Plan. We explain them below:

Setup Fee - Assembly Cost - From U $ 99 / A single payment.

 The Setup Fee is the cost you pay to Shopial for setting up and configuring your store. This you only have to pay just one time. This charge includes domain configuration issues, general configuration, means of payment, means of delivery, Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop, Google Shopping, Google Analytics, among others.

The value depends on what you want to have at the beginning and starts at U $ 99 in the Ultra Basic Plan up to the Premium Plan for U $ 399.See Plans

Custom Setup Fee from U $ 49 / One-time payment: Shopial allows you to customize the initial configuration of your store so that you can add functionality that you really need while paying less.

Monthly Store Plan - From U $ 35 / Month

 So that your store is always active, you must pay a monthly plan. This is exactly the same as paying for a mobile phone plan to have data and minutes, or paying for an internet plan, or even paying the rent of your physical premises, home, etc.

If you wonder why you should pay a monthly payment, we would like to make you this comparison. If you have or had a physical store, you must pay a rent for the premises to be there (in case it is not your own) and surely a monthly administration. This place serves you to serve mainly customers in your city and will most likely be in the range of U $ 300 toU $ 1000 monthly.

By having an Online Store you will have a place to serve customers in all corners of the planet, returning global your business immediately. If you compare pay U $ 35 to serve customers around the world, against U $ 300 To serve clients in your city, I don't think we have to put too much effort into explaining why it's worth it.

Optional Costs:Shopial offers several services and Apps to make improvements to your store. All of these are optional and are not a requirement for your store to function, but we recommend them so that your store has improvements that your customers will appreciate, and that in the end is more sales. These are:

Graphic Design Service - From U $ 39 / Month

 Having an online store is not just about uploading products. You must be aware of graphic pieces such as promotional banners, main banners and even for your social networks so that your customers find out about your latest products and offers. If you do not have a graphic designer to take care of this, Shopial offers you plans from U $ 39 / month where we take care of making pieces monthly to keep your store updated.See Plans

Product Management Service - From U $ 29 / Month

 If you don't want to, you can't take charge of uploading your products, unsubscribing or updating them or you just don't know how to do it, Shopial gives you the option to take care of this for you, and starting with plans from U $ 29 / Month.

Apps & Integrations

We know that as you progress you will need functionalities that will improve your store in many ways such as Customer Service, Marketing, Finance, Logistics, among others. We have hundreds of apps available for your store, and you can buy them from U $ 0.99. Some will be a one-time payment and others have additional monthly plans. We recommend that you consult us for each one when you are interested in acquiring them. We invite you to know them here: See Apps.

Marketing Service

We want you to do well and we know that one of the main causes that small businesses do not grow is due to the lack of knowledge in digital marketing. Our team can help you generate SMS campaigns (Text Messages), Email Marketing (email newsletters), Paid Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Google. The costs depend on the type of campaign and we recommend you contact us when you want to do it.

As you can see, we have many options to make life easier for you and the management of your online store. Keep in mind that you will only pay for what you do not want to do (Graphic Design, Product Management, Integrations, Digital Marketing, among others).

Contact us at info@shopial.co if you have any questions and we will gladly help you.