Ecommerce as a natural evolution of the physical store

Apr 20 , 2020

Ecommerce as a natural evolution of the physical store

In the last decade, many economists and technologists, from practically all nations, have predicted the same thing: that e-commerce is called to be the natural evolution of conventional stores. That is, in the near future, most of the transactions would be carried out online, people would not go to physical stores but would choose from a virtual catalog, and the products would arrive at their homes or the place of their choice, thanks to an efficient network of parcel shipments. This change has been happening for the last ten years. But it is now, in the midst of a global-scale and historic pandemic, that we have fully realized how much trade has changed. From the irreversible evolution of e-commerce as a natural substitute for the traditional store. Join us to discover its advantages and to understand why the future of your business is in an e-commerce! 

Advantages of an online store over a physical store

Easier and less expensive

One of the first obvious advantages of an e-commerce, of an online store, is the ease of maintenance. Contrary to a physical space, the online store does not require the presence of anyone to operate. It is not necessary to go to open it every day, nor do we have to worry about the eventualities that may happen with a physical store: electrical failures, problems of leaks in the building where we operate, streets closed for repairs, political or social problems that cause the cut or blocking areas of the city, isolation measures, etc. The online store is immune to all that. In particular if your tent is mounted on a platform structure, such as Shopial, because that frees you even from having to have a server in your home for your store: Everything can be hosted through the servers that Shopial offers, with which, you really do not require anything at the hardware level, or at the equipment level , to have your online store. Just a computer and an internet connection, to configure and manage your store.

Obviously more than one will say at this point “Ok, but that is only possible for people who know about computers. I don't know how to program and I can't set up an online store, much less manage it” And to think that, nowadays, is a monumental mistake. Setting up an online store today has nothing to do with setting up an online store in the 90s or early 2000s.

Solutions like Shopial are intended to be implemented by people who have zero programming skills. They are designed to be used by entrepreneurs, businessmen and creators, of any field, background or training. They are extremely intuitive programs, where it is not required to have any knowledge of programming languages, because in fact, you do not need to program anything, but to configure among the options and templates that Shopial offers you.

¿And at the legal level In most countries the requirements to set up a physical store are equal to or exceed those of setting up an online store. In other words, in nations where there is exclusive legislation on e-commerce, it is usually easier to set up a digital company than a traditional one. And in the rest of the nations, it is usually the same process. In thel S bloghopialYou will be able to find different guides that will help you to set up your company (we recommend you search for them by region, in this example we share the one ofSpain,Mexico,Argentina,Colombia,Dominican Republic, that ofchili, for offering you two) and take your first steps in e-commerce, creating your first online store.