Basic Concepts you should know!

Jun 04 , 2020

Basic Concepts you should know!

Basic concepts

Below we detail what each of the items listed in the previous commercial proposal is about. This in order to be clear about all the related costs in your new Online Store. First of all it is important that you bear in mind that to launch your Online Store you will have the following fixed and optional costs:

  • Configuration CostInitial (Setup Fee) Charged One Timez
  • Monthly Store Plan– Monthly Charge
  • Shopial Services Plan– Optional Monthly or Use Charge..
  • Shopify Apps Services Plan– Optional - Monthly Fee
  • Transactional Shopify Fees Optional Per Transactionn
  • Transactional Charges Payment Platform Per Transaction

Below we explain each of these costs:

  1. Initial Setup Fee: This is the cost that you will pay for our team to create your page, install all the modules you have requested (for example: Online Chat, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, etc.), and configure everything necessary for your Online Store to go live and running 100% so that all your customers can start buying your products immediately. Among these is the configuration of means of payment, shipping methods, legal information, contact information and others.

TheInitial Setup Feestarts inU $49 with the basic configuration including the following:

  • Web Domain Connection (You must already have one)
  • Hosting (server where your page will be hosted).
  • SSL Certificate (Certificate that your page is secure).
  • Installation of Manual Payment Means (Bank Transfer,

Cash, Payment Against Delivery.

  • Installation Method of Payment Basic Cards (The user must have an account in a payment platform such as PayPal, PayULatam or Mercado Pago) *
  • Installation Basic Shipping Forms (Fixed Rates for Local Shipping, National Shipping and Free Shipping).
  • Legal Information (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Returns Policy and Shipping Policy
  • Contact page
  • Favorites section (Wishlist)
  • Creation of up to7 Main Categories (No images).
  • Creation of up to12Main Sub-categories (No images)
  • Free Graphic Template (The client can choose between9 templates


  • Upload of3 Main Banners and up4 Minibanners on the page

Home (The client must provide these graphic pieces according to the required measurements)

  • Discount Coupon Creation Module
  • Module for Creation of Digital Gift Cards.
  • Creation of up to3 Branch offices

Apart from this we offer aCustom settings which allows you to add services and functionalities to the Basic Configuration Cost, Some of these functionalities and services are:

  • Premium Graphic Template (More than200 Available Templates)
  • Web Domain Purchase
  • Advanced Connection of Payment Means (Help in Account Creation with payment platforms)
  • Use of Accounts in Shopial Payment Platforms (Applies only for Colombia).
  • Facebook Shop
  • Instagram Shop
  • Google shopping
  • Whatsapp chat
  • Advanced Automated Chat
  • Automated Shopping Cart Recovery Module
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Advanced Payment Methods (PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, etc)
  • International Shipping Module
  • Images for each Category
  • Appointment Booking Module
  • Advanced Shipping Forms (Weight, Volume, Destination)
  • Instagram Feed on the Home page
  • Show Prices in Multi Currency
  • Page in different languages
  • Order Delivery Time Estimation Module
  • Pop-up Advertising Windows
  • Order Traceability Module
  • Graphic Design Service for Web Parts
  • Initial Product Upload
  • Corporate Email
  • And many more.

  • Monthly Store Plan: This is the amount that you must pay monthly so that your store is always on the air. Imagine it like any other plan you pay for like television, internet or your cell phone. These initial costs inU $ 29and they depend on the quality of service and support you need. The only requirement that you must meet is to have aCredit cardsince the system should automatically charge this costs month by month.
  • We explain each of the plans below:

  • Ultra Basic Monthly Plan: In this Plan you will have all the
  • functionalities and full use of your platform but you will not have

    Support of any kind on Shopial, The service is provided by

    directly Shopify, however it is very basic.

    Recommended for:People who have experience in managing online stores, or platforms similar to Shopify.

    Monthly Value: U $ 29

    Permanence Clause:None.

    • Basic Monthly Plan:This plan offers all the functionalities and full use of your platform and direct support with Shopial. The service offered in this plan includes:
    • Customer Service Channels (Online Chat, Whatsapp, Mail, Telephone)
    • Help in basic problem solving in Products and Categories.
    • Unlimited Modifications to Contact Page and Pages


    • Unlimited Modifications in Manual Payment Information.
    • Unlimited Modifications to Information in Basic Shipping Forms
    • Support in other modules purchased.
    • General and Educational Support in Use of the platform.
    • two Staff accounts (for store employees)

    Recommended for:People have little knowledge in the use of e-commerce platforms and require constant support in the use and management of the platform.

    Monthly Value: U $ 39

    Permanence Clause:None.


    • Intermediate Monthly Plan:This plan offers all theBasic Monthly Plan

    along with other services and functionalities such as:

    • 1 Corporate Mailbox
    • 5Staff accounts (employees)
    • 500Promotional Text Messages
    • Professional Reports
    • 10% OFF in Additional Service Plans

    Recommended for:People have little knowledge in the use

    of e-commerce platforms and require constant support in the

    management of the platform as well as having corporate mail and messages of

    promotional text to your customers.

    Monthly value: U $ 99

    Permanence Clause:None.

    • Premium Monthly Plan: This plan includes everything offered in theIntermediate Planalong with other services and functionalities. These are:
    • 3Corporate Mailboxes
    • Advanced Consulting
    • 1000Promotional Text Messages
    • Advanced Report Generator
    • twenty% OFF in Additional Service Plans

    Recommended for:People and businesses with little knowledge

    in the use of e-commerce platforms and require Advanced Support and Consulting in the use and management of the platform as well as their business. Likewise the use of corporate emails and promotional text messages to your clients and Advanced Reports that will help the systematic growth of your business.

    Monthly Value: U $ 379

    Permanence Clause: None.

    1. Shopial Service Plans: Shopial offers additional services that will help you manage your store more easily and that will allow you to not really lift a finger. These services are optional and you can request them whenever you want and for as long as you want.

    We recommend that you contact us to provide more details.

      • Graphic Design Service: For internal parts of your website

    such as central banners, minbanners, popups, etc.

      • Product Management Service: We help you upload new products every month and update them when necessary.
      • Logistics and Transportation Service: We help you generate shipping labels and request order pick-ups with local and international carriers once they are ready for dispatch.
      • Digital Marketing Service:We create promotional campaigns on Social Networks and Search Engines as well as the sending of Mass Emails and Text Messages to all your clients.
      • Custom Web Development: Our team of engineers will help you develop personalized functionalities for your website that will allow you to improve its management, customer service and even automate administrative functions.
    1. Apps Shopify Service Plans:When you request that we install modules with special functionalities such as automating marketing processes, sales or other applications that facilitate and improve the shopping experience of your customers as well as administrative and internal functions, Online Chats, among others, monthly charges may be generated for the use of these.

    Rest assured that Shopial will always notify you about these costs before installing the modules.

    Important:The modules offered in this Commercial Proposal include a Basic Version so you will not have to pay any monthly fee for them.

    1. Transactional Shopify Fees:Shopify charges transactional costs

    for Credit and Debit Cards when the credit card service is not used.Shopify Paymentsas the main payment platform.

    Transaction costs aretwo%. Shopify does not charge this commission for manual payments such as Bank Transfers, Cash on Delivery, Cash or other forms of payment configured manually.

    For example, if you decide to use PayU Latam, PayPal or MercadoPago as your main payment platform, all transactions for the sale of your products and services that are paid through these platforms will generate a commission oftwo% on the total of the transaction.

    This commission is charged monthly directly to your credit card registered on the platform.

    If you want more information about this concept, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

    1. Transactional Charges Payment Platforms:All Online Stores need a platform to process payments with Credit, Debit Cards or other means of payment offered by them. One of the most popular payment platforms in the world is PayPal. In Latin America the best known arePayU LatamYPayment Market.

    These platforms work as virtual dataphones that process payments and depending on the user account, they send the money directly to the bank account or to an account on the platform and then request its disbursement.

    Like any physical dataphone, each transaction generates commissions and transaction costs such as Franchise Charges (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.), as well as fixed charges, among others. Usually the commissions are around the3.5% to 5% (without fixed costs or taxes).

    If you currently do not have an account with one of these platforms, we can help you create one. If you are in Colombia, you can ask us about the Shopial Payments option in order to help you lower transaction costs.