Unified Commerce:Future of the Next Generation of Retail

May 06 , 2020

Unified Commerce:Future of the Next Generation of Retail

Retailer Tokyobike had a problem that most businesses dream of: People really wanted their products. The Trap They had stores in New York and Tokyo, but their customers were all over the world.o.

People would test-drive a bike at one of their stores and then fly home with a business card, bike specs, and a credit card authorization form to fill out. It's no wonder that many customers found it difficult to go through with their purchase. An $ 800 bike is not an impulse purchase for most people, and the distance between Tokyo's physical stores and their customers' outlets made the sales loop difficult to close.

Clearly, his system was not working.

¿What happened six months later Your annual sales have increased by 100%. The key to your success Selling online with a unified trading platform.da.

Sell anywhere from the same platform

After Tokyobike launched their online store using Shopify, they changed their point of sale system to Shopify POS also. In this way, tokyobike is able to offer flexible shopping options for its customers while managing all its stores using a single backend. Your online store and retail spaces are effectively in sync.

Now when shoppers walk in for a trial and leave without buying, there are no cards or forms to fill out, their shopping cart is automatically emailed and waiting in their inbox when they return home. This allows customers starting their in-store journey to complete it online when they're ready, reducing the risk of customers losing their card (and tokyobike losing the sale).

As a result, tokyobike staff can focus on the in-store experience rather than trying to close sales on the spot.

Where previously tokyobikes were limited to their stores in New York and Tokyo, the unified Shopify platform and Shopialallowed them to go global.