Key figures about COVID-19 that you are interested in knowing if you have an eCommerce

May 07 , 2020

Key figures about COVID-19 that you are interested in knowing if you have an eCommerce

After the phases of " panic shopping "focused on basic needs, the distribution activity remains considerably affected by the coronavirus crisis around the world.

Consumers are changing the way they source and their interests are evolving.

While the tourism and fashion sectors are being hit hard, sales of sports teams and puzzles soar .

Tourism is the first sector affected by COVID-19

All over the world, tourist sites have closed.

International trade shows and meetings have been canceled. After waves of cancellations, workers in the tourism sector are faced with uncertainty.

The prolongation of the period of confinement and the concern about new outbreaks of the epidemic are having a significant impact on visits to tourist sites and reserves until the end of the year, with a reduction of travel purchases of more than 20% .

The only workers in the sector who are benefiting from this situation are private jet companies, which are registering an increase in reserves (+20 to 25% in the United States).

Local stores and "Click & Collect" service on the rise

Consumer products, on the other hand, concentrated a greater audience share (25.7 hours of search more) and sales with an average increase of 20%.

The impact is greater in the distribution channels.

Consumers prefer local stores and the "Click & Collect" service.

In France, for example, according to Nielsen, the coronavirus crisis mainly affects hypermarkets, already in decline for several years.

The landfill recommendations encourage consumers to shop close to home or resort to home delivery.

Conversely, the "Click & Collect" service increased by 65% and the business of local supermarkets 28%.

Some startups are also taking advantage of this period to launch specific offers such as Epicery, with a selection of delicatessen, or Joone and its ecological diapers.


Health is good for the moment

Pharmacies and parapharmacies continue to sell and eCommerce sees their transactions increase by 27%.

A distribution circuit that also allows L'Oréal to limit the drop in sales.

Thanks to e-commerce and selective distribution, the group recorded a decline of just 4.3%.

Sports at home are skyrocketing

Online class and sports team websites are on the rise.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor equipment, sales are increasing.

The American company Peloton has seen a considerable increase in its sales of bicycles and treadmills.

Decathlon doubled its sales, registering up to 12,000 orders a day.

This increase has been maintained during these weeks, especially the sale of outdoor equipment. Sales of trampolines and ping-pong tables represent 30% of transactions, which in other years during the same period represented 5%.


Everything to work

Dumbbells and rugs aren't the only investments consumers make.

With the implementation of telecommuting, sales of electronic and computer products have increased.

The group Fnac-Darty has registered an increase of + 177% of your sales.

In addition to computers, printers, cartridges, cables ... parents have also invested heavily in school and after-school activities to ensure the education of children confined to homes.

Return of the puzzles

Board games and puzzles are also picking up in this period of confinement.

Puzzle Warehouse, a toy store in St. Louis, USA, increased its sales tenfold last week, according to The Washington Post.

In Belgium, online sales of puzzles and educational toys increased by 438.50%.

For the first time, the list of the 10 best-selling toys includes 7 board games (Monopoly, Payday, Scrabble, Uno, Trivial Pursuit) and 3 categories of puzzles (500, 1000 and 1500 pieces).


A crisis that drives electronic commerce, without a doubt.

According to Kantar, nothing more than in France, in number of clients has increased by 2.5 million .

However, although demand continues to be encouraging in some sectors, with the closure of physical stores and some collection points, logistics must prove its value and ensure the last "contactless" meter.

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On March 24, PrestaShop invited members of its ecosystem to participate in a study on the impact of containment measures on e-commerce activity.